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The activities of the company DOS (Digital Outsource Solution) are the process of technical management of distribution logistics and remote merging of various services and their subsequent launch. The business has a history of 1996, and DOS has been at the helm since 2020, bringing together all the services it needs.

Our activities include both supply in the regions and a different vision between specific areas, which includes going to the "golden line" and presenting the products produced in advanced countries in our market.


In addition to simplifying import / export, provide services that will provide all logistics services in one space, support staff, medical services, transportation, food products, furniture design and more.

The goal

To increase the information base of the business sector, to start importing / exporting products in any market in Georgia and to offer them a completely new and innovative way of sales and services, and the regions to have a quick response plan, starting with the planning of the network distribution of a specific product.

Import / export of cargoes of all types of trade objects entering the Georgian market from the sea and air space.

Establish business relationships with major retail chains in neighboring countries and provide them with direct services.

Offer consulting services in collaboration with facilities whose activities require the import, customs clearance, packaging and delivery of any type of product.

Give the business sector the opportunity to attract new relationships and specific investments.

The task

The company is constantly looking for young energetic and talented staff for the purpose of involving all of the above. Vocational training. Passing the course to study basic

Joining data and company.


The task of the Dos group is to become the most efficient and desirable employer

Throughout Georgia in this area.


10 Rules for Supply Chain & Logistics Optimization

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