Opportunity for professional development, innovative environment, special relationships with both clients and teammates, with our people, the constant striving for success - this is what makes DOS a distinguished employer.


At DOS, we constantly strive to maintain a culture of distinctive relationships and offer employees the best conditions to work confidently, to act with the necessary flexibility and freedom, allowing for proper knowledge and the right attitudes. Our people have the opportunity to participate in various projects or activities organized by the company.

The company DOS also offers services for start-up business projects, consulting for strategists and distance learning for business management.


Relationships matter


Beyond the business work space we are friends who spend an extraordinary amount of time in an informal setting. Teambuilding activities, indoor sports competitions, active participation in various events on behalf of the company and corporate parties allow each of us to feel like a member of a large and strong team where relationships are important.

Shortly about career

  • Start the service in the desired field

  • Interview, get advice

  • Day plan, monthly turnover and proper business management

  • Seasonal calculation

  • Proper marketing in sales

  • Online learning remotely in business management

  • Compilation of business projects, presentation

  • Study the base and then interest the sponsor

  • Expert advice in the business sector

  • The best broker of the last 10 months

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