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Insurance is a relationship at the expense of certain funds created from insurance contributions (insurance premiums) in the event of certain events (insurance relations) to protect the property interests of individuals and legal entities.

Insurance is an economic relationship involving at least two parties (two persons, the subject of the relationship).

Insurance covers different categories of insured persons and its terms vary in terms of insurance liability: it can be carried out by force of law or voluntarily at the outset. That is why it is necessary to classify insurance to regulate this diversity of insurance relationships  and to create a unified interconnected system.

The company DOS offers


- Types of property insurance, which include: insurance of buildings, animals, house property, vehicles (cars, mopeds, special equipment) and others.

- Types of production risk insurance, such as business insurance, which includes specific cases in the production or service process.

- Transportation insurance (purchase, customs clearance, delivery, relocation), vehicle insurance against accidents, hijacking or other hazards, cargo insurance, ships, air transport.

- Physical product insurance, which will be downloaded, cleared, delivered, packaged and delivered to its destination.

- Container insurance with the cargo in it.


Exxon swung to a $610 million loss in the quarter as it took a “market-related” $2.9 billion charge. It reported $2.4 billion in profits during the same period last year.


BP said debt rose sharply and warned of falling production and a worsening outlook for refining margins, offering a first look at how the new coronavirus pandemic is straining the balance sheets of the world’s largest oil companies.


Despite fetching well below its $75 million asking price, the sale of the Bellagio estate is one of the city’s largest since the pandemic hit


The Tesla CEO is worth $39 billion on paper, but the electric-car maker, who recently announced he’s selling his houses and most of his worldly possessions, needs a wad of money to exercise his latest payout.


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